​FEMA Camp 37

It all starts here. The first tale of the FEMA Camp anthology.  Scott started out his day like any other day in FEMA Camp 37.  Allowed to be one of the privileged few, due to obedience, he was permitted a small television set in his one man cell. He watches as a terrorist from the outfit known as Free America invades the early morning news on a government owned channel in Las Vegas.  An older man with long tangled gray hair  wearing a bandana with a coiled rattlesnake logo on the front, coldly murders the morning newscasters and warns every employee of any government they would be next. After breakfast a massive explosion rocks the FEMA camp, shattering the walls. Of the 200,000 detainees in the prison, nineteen elect to run,. Two of those nineteen were Scott Ammon and Amanda Jefferson. They began an action packed journey and find that the people on the outside are not what they have been told.  One of the two escapees becomes the most wanted terrorist in American history known as the Pale Rider.

​​From the Authors....

The next  step in the journey is FEMA Camp 43. Meet Francis, a Free America scout that is a known loner.  The only friends Francis trusts run on four legs.  He  is never in any hurry to kill.

​During the past two years he has fulfilled his obligations while working on his own project, to free the two million Fema camp detainees in Fema Camp 43 in the northwest corner of Nevada. Along the way he finds a young pretty brunette, now a Free America scout, who was freed from FEMA Camp 37 in the second assault.  The action becomes hot, heavy and fast between the two scouts and the enemy government. The question is, who survives?  ​




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